Get ready to explore Italy's beautiful places on foot! From tall mountains to colorful coasts, each trail has a story to tell. Put on your comfy shoes, and let's start the adventure!

Climb the big mountains in Sella for amazing views. This challenging hike shows off Italy's high mountains. Get ready for a real adventure!

Cinque Terre (Sentiero Azzurro)

Take a stroll by the sea in Cinque Terre. The path shows you colorful villages and blue waters. It's like a dreamy walk along the Italian coast.

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Visit the cool Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the Dolomites. Walk around and see tall mountains. It's a must if you like being high up with great views.

Mount VesuviusBest Hiking in Italy

Climb up Mount Vesuvius for a volcano adventure. Look into the volcano and see a fantastic view of the Bay of Naples. A unique hike in Italy!

Sentiero degli Dei

Walk on the "Path of the Gods" on the Amalfi Coast. The path shows you big cliffs, cute villages, and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Corno Grande – Best hiking in Italy

Reach the top of Corno Grande, the tallest mountain in the Apennines. It's a bit tough, but the amazing views make it worth it. A cool adventure!

Alta Via: Dolomite Majesty

Take a walk in the Dolomites on the Alta Via trails. You'll see tall mountains and pretty lakes. Italy's northern mountains are waiting for you!

Stromboli: Dancing with Fire

Hike up Stromboli and watch the volcano's show. It's like nature's fireworks! An exciting adventure for those who love a little thrill.