About us

I go by the real name Vikash Sajwal, a passionate solo rider, sketch artist, and digital nomad/marketer. It was on the fateful day of December 28, 2019, that the incredible travel journey of “Vikatraveller” began, as I embarked on my very first international flight from India. As I boarded the plane, I felt a mix of excitement and nervousness filled my heart. I found my seat, fastened the seatbelt, and peered out of the window as the aircraft soared into the sky. Leaving behind the familiar sights of my homeland, I set forth on a journey of self-discovery and exploration.

Carrying my laptop and some cloths in my bags, I finally landed to my first destination, “Welcome to Thailand”. From navigating through labyrinthine alleyways to indulging in the diverse culinary delights, I embraced every moment with an open mind and a hunger for new experiences. I found solace in the warmth of the people I encountered, and despite the language barriers, I connected with fellow travelers and locals through shared laughter and gestures.

Interesting Fact:

“Vik” wasn’t the name I was born with. It was bestowed upon me by my fellow travel enthusiasts who found my real name a mouthful. So, “Vikatraveller” became my alter ego, a name that symbolizes my adventurous spirit. I’m forever grateful to my amazing travel buddies for this catchy moniker. Cheers to you, my friends!”

Two months were very exciting and thrilling for me: I felt like a kangaroo who was in fact hopping from one place to another for the hunt of new places and taste the local food.

Expertise which I carry with my travel:

As a solo traveler and digital nomads, I experiend that work can fall at any time. Here the things what I do when I travel

✓ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
✓ Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
✓ Social Media Optimization (SMO)
✓ Display Marketing or Banner Advertising
✓ Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
✓ Social Media Marketing (SMM) / Facebook Advertising
✓ Web Analytics (Google Analytics and Omniture SiteCatalyst)
✓ Paid Social Advertising
✓ Linkedin Marketing