The Mount Batur

Mount Batur is a volcanic peak in Bali known for its iconic sunrise trek. Offering panoramic views of the surrounding caldera and Lake Batur, this hike is a favorite among adventurers. The journey is moderately challenging, and the reward is a breathtaking sunrise experience.

The Campuhan Ridge Walk is a serene trek in Ubud, offering panoramic views of lush valleys and rice terraces.  This leisurely hike takes you through the heart of Ubud's countryside, providing a peaceful escape from the bustling town.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Mount Agung, Bali's highest peak, offers a challenging trek to its summit. Hikers are rewarded with stunning views of the island and surrounding ocean. The trek is known for its spiritual significance and the sense of accomplishment upon reaching the top.

Mount Agung

Twin Lakes Hike

The Twin Lakes Hike explores the serene landscapes around Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan. This trek takes you through lush rainforests and offers tranquil views of the twin lakes, providing a peaceful and off-the-beaten-path experience.

Mount Catur

Mount Catur is a less-explored hiking destination offering a mix of nature and culture. The trek takes you through dense forests and ancient temples, providing a unique blend of natural beauty and historical significance.

Mount Abang

Mount Abang offers a challenging yet rewarding hiking experience. As the third-highest peak in Bali, it provides stunning panoramic views of Mount Batur and the surrounding landscape. The trek takes you through diverse terrain, including lush forests.

Mount Batukaru

Mount Batukaru is known for its lush surroundings and is considered one of Bali's holiest mountains. The hike takes you through dense rainforests, offering a peaceful and spiritual journey. The summit provides sweeping views of Bali's natural beauty.

West Bali National Park

The West Bali National Park offers diverse hiking trails through its protected wildlife reserve. Hikers can explore a variety of ecosystems, from mangrove forests to savannahs. This national park is home to unique flora and fauna, providing a one-of-a-kind trekking experience.

Lempuyang Temple Hike

The Lempuyang Temple Hike takes you to the iconic Gates of Heaven, perched on the slopes of Mount Lempuyang. The trek includes a climb up stone steps, and at the top, you're rewarded with stunning views of the temple and Mount Agung in the background.

Red Coral Waterfall Trail

The Red Coral Waterfall Trail leads hikers through dense jungle terrain to reach a stunning red-colored waterfall. This hidden gem offers a unique and picturesque setting, with the vibrant colors of the waterfall creating a memorable hiking experience.