10 Best Hiking in Puerto Rico

Dive into a virtual expedition through Puerto Rico's lush trails! Discover hidden wonders and embark on a journey into nature's embrace.

Discover the magic of La Mina Falls in El Yunque. A lush trail leading to a mesmerizing waterfall, nature's hidden gem.

El Yunque Peak Trail

Conquer El Yunque Peak's trail for breathtaking views. An invigorating hike to the top rewards with nature's grandeur.

Los Morrillos Trail

Los Morrillos Trail in Cabo Rojo offers a coastal feast. Walk along cliffs, witness stunning sunsets, and savor the ocean's beauty.

Playa Sucia Trail

Explore Playa Sucia Trail in Cabo Rojo for a beach adventure. A scenic trail leading to the picturesque and pristine Playa Sucia.

Cueva Ventana Trail

Arecibo's Cueva Ventana Trail unveils a natural window to the world. Hike through lush landscapes to discover this unique cave view.

Cueva del Indio Trail

Embark on Arecibo's Cueva del Indio Trail for a historical journey. A coastal trail with ancient petroglyphs and panoramic sea views.

Charco Azul Trail

Toro Negro's Charco Azul Trail leads to a hidden blue pond. Immerse yourself in the forest's tranquility and discover this natural gem.

Guánica Dry Forest

Guánica's Dry Forest trail is a biodiversity showcase. Walk among unique flora in Puerto Rico's southwestern natural wonder.

La Mina de Barro Trail

Traverse Río Abajo's La Mina de Barro Trail for a river adventure. A scenic route offering refreshing dips and lush surroundings.

Guilarte Forest – La Torre Trail

Ascend La Torre Trail in Guilarte Forest, Adjuntas. Reach the tower's summit for panoramic views, capturing the heart of Puerto Rico.